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Computer Aided Realtime Transcription Services  can help bring your message to many venues.  Whether you need captions for large-screens in auditoriums, live streamed web content, or classroom services that give the hearing impaired students the ability to understand and absorb educational material presented, CART services allow your message to be heard and provides valuable understanding to the hearing impaired.


A message from one of our students:

Since I can remember, I had to fight to get the same education as every other student in school. For some reason it has always been a struggle to get a teacher to understand that even though I work really hard and get good grades, I still need more help than a student that hears perfectly… [Since] I received the aid of having a captionist, it has made the world of difference! I now don’t have to stress over trying to figure out if the professor said what I think he or she said. I can focus on the lecture and gather the information, and I also lean on my captionist to catch the things that I cannot. Having captioning has made it so I don’t stress so much about schoolwork. I now know how it feels to be a normal student in school with the normal amount of stress about classes.

—  Alyssa Gagnon
Iowa State University
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Agricultural Communications

Midwest Captioning - Serving the Needs of the Hearing Impaired
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