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The following are comments from some of our clients…

I have never worked with such a professional captioning company as Midwest Captioning. Their dedication to putting out a highest quality product is phenomenal. They are so knowledgeable and courteous to work with. I am assured that our captioning needs will be performed top notch when they are covering our captioning needs. Nobody else can come near their level of expertise and service. No one!

—  Leon Kollasch, Senior Broadcast Engineer

This is one company I would have no hesitation to recommend for anyone who desires to work with a business that knows the questions to ask that will result in the highest quality and accurately produced product in an efficient, timely manner for their project. I have had opportunity to work with Midwest Captioning for over 14 years and so appreciate the expertise that they have routinely provided without fail. I am always pleased to work with the folks at Midwest Captioning because I know that any captioning assignment they are involved with will be completed correctly the first time. Because of their demonstrated goal to provide the quality and accuracy we’ve come expect, my job is always made easier.

—  Terry Schnirring, Senior Broadcast Engineer

As a Master Control Operator, monitoring closed captioning is ongoing.  Working with Midwest Captioning allows me to do my job with the knowledge that the captioning will be correct and done in a timely manner. They call 20 min. in advance of  a live captioning production to verify connections and test the captions.  This allows us time to work on any problems that may have arisen and ensure a quality end product. Working with Midwest Captioning has always been a pleasure and makes my job so much easier.

—  Sharon Newton, Master Control Operator

[ Midwest Captioning ] has provided services that go well beyond satisfactory… and always delivers on time or ahead of schedule.  [ Their ] work is nothing short of perfect in spelling and punctuation on post-production closed captioning.  What I respect most is the sincere compassion for those who are ultimately the beneficiaries of their service, the hearing impaired community.  They genuinely want to ensure that they understand what is going on in our program.

—  Duane Huey, Senior Executive Producer

Midwest Captioning - Serving the Needs of the Hearing Impaired
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